Very Large Systems (200+ phones & Lots Concurrent Calls)

The Enterprise series system is designed for large scale Central Office, Enterprise and PBX applications where NEBSTM compliance is not required.  This series is a carrier-grade system designed for demanding telecommunications applications. Available with AC power options this system will fit in any facility.  


Typical applications for this platform include VoIP carriers, large enterprise applications, call centers and other demanding call applications.  

Enterprise is targeted at installations with more than 200 devices and when a high degree of reliability is required.  

Enterprise core hardware features include; mirrored hard drives with a hot spare (3 drives), redundant power supplies and IPMI 2.0, (enabling true lights-out management by utilizing serial over LAN), remote power management, and remote system health monitoring of your IBeX system whether they are down the hall or on the other side of the world.

Layered on top of the hardware platform is the IBeX operating system and software, a combination of a custom Linux distribution, telephone switching software, web based management and automatic updates via the Internet.  The Envoy series IBeX system offers a combination of power, features and reliability that provides a VoIP platform that is unparalleled in the market.

Hardware Features

  • Intel Xeon processor series quad-core
  • (2) Ethernet Interfaces
  • Redundant AC or DC power supplies
  • Hot-pluggable disk drives.
  • ILOM management.
  • Extremely high telecom interface port densities for both analog and digital ports.
  • Extended hardware and software warranties.  Check with your sales person for more details.  

Operating System (OS) & Switching Software

  • IBeX OS
  • IBeX telephony switching software
  • System Management
  • IBeX automatic system update service (90 days included, requires support contract after 90 days)

Refer to our Systems Comparison Chart for more information on all of our IBeX systems.