VMware LogoIBeX VMware version is just what it seems, IBeX running in a VMware environment.  This version of IBeX allows for massive Scalability and supports our cluster configuration as well as having the same connection limitations as our Enterprise and Envoy versions.  

This version does not have the option of integrating with our expansion chassis so connection to systems and networks outside of the system must be accomplished through SIP or IAX2 trunks.  

Layered on top of VMware is the IBeX operating system and software, a combination of a custom Linux distribution, telephone switching software, web based management and automatic updates via the Internet.  The VMware version IBeX offers a combination of power, features and reliability that provides a VoIP platform that is unparalleled in the market.

Operating System (OS) & Switching Software

  • IBeX OS
  • IBeX telephony switching software
  • System Management
  • IBeX automatic system update service (90 days included, requires support contract after 90 days)

Refer to our Systems Comparison Chart for more information on all of our IBeX systems.