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Welcome to IBeX VoIP Asterisk Based Appliances

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IBeX™ is an open source voice over IP (VoIP) PBX supporting multiple protocols with a comprehensive telephony feature.  Fully customizable, it combines highly advanced technology with a simple, nontechnical, icon-style user interface.  Because IBeX grew from Asterisk, the most popular and flexible open source telephone system in the world, it offers flexibility, functionality, and incredibly diverse features.  Compatible with any standards based VoIP phone or device, IBeX provides the ultimate communication system.

IBeX is what you get when you take the "Private" (or proprietary) out of your normal everyday phone system, Private Branch Exchange (PBX), and add the "Internet".
IBeX Solutions are available in four hardware systems, as well as a software version of IBeX.  Ranging from small office to large enterprise and central office systems, there is an IBeX to meet any of your needs.  For detailed information see our comparison chart.

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